How to Receive Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance can be seen as a way to process and experience wisdom and receiving inner peace.

To receive spiritual guidance, there are many factors that you will need to be able to understand and incorporate into your life with serious effort and mindfulness.


A practical way of receiving spiritual guidance is to meditate. By meditating, you clear your mind of negative thoughts, and it gives you the power to focus your thoughts on the current moment. If an individual is not used to meditation and is not sure how to get started, there are many research sites online going into detail on how to meditate and the fundamentals of doing it right.

Meditation is perfect for the evening before going to bed and can also be done before rising for the day. Meditation is perfect for beautiful sceneries to help with calmness before meditation. Places such as mountains, lakes, and rivers are ideal to achieve a successful meditation session.

Love and Kindness

By practicing love and kindness, you can positively clear your mind and spirit. By doing this, you are transmitting positive energy to strangers without ever speaking a word. By transmitting positive energy, you help other people in achieving calmness and peace of mind.

Easy ways of showing love and kindness are to wish good moments towards someone or wishing them joy in their hearts.

Read Articles and Books on Spirituality

The written word is extremely powerful for spiritual guidance. We must actively engage our minds to understand and embrace spiritual lessons.

Reading about different versions of God and higher beings throughout existence can contribute to not thinking in a restrictive manner. It helps us to think about many different ways of achieving an understanding of spirituality in many individuals.

When reading books on spirituality, try to search your feelings and study the material extensively. The writing should positively speak to you.

Look at belief systems outside of your own belief or religion to learn more about individual parts of spirituality.