Life Coach Certification Programs

The goal of life coaches is to help individuals to identify and focus on their life goals and to assist in lifestyle changes with encouragement towards achieving these goals. As a career, these coaches need to find reputable life coach certification programs which can provide the necessary education and all vital tools to earn these certificates.

Here we have a look at some of the life coach certification programs that are available.

Institute for Life Coach Training Professional Certification

This institution provides comprehensive programs that take students between 18 to 24 months to complete from start to finish.

This is an intense life coaching program that will provide you with years of success and continued knowledge growth. This program is an Accredited Coach Training Program by the International Coaching Federation.

This program requires students to sign up for specific classes at specific times and days. The student will have instructors who expect them to show up to class for attendance grades and some exams need to be written at the end of each module. With these exams, students need to pass with a minimum of 70% grade or higher.

Integrative Wellness Academy Mater Life Coaching Program

This academy offers a master integrative life coaching certificate that can help current life coaches to reach the next level in life coaching. This program can serve in advancing your career by providing you with the chance of earning a master’s certificate in life coaching. You will be building on what you already know and apply high-level coaching techniques.

As some clients can be difficult to work with when you are a life coach, this program can give you the confidence and knowledge to be able to get through to them and make them see your point of view, which can earn you their trust faster.

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

This coaching program provides an in-depth education that leads to three certifications in life coaching. They provide an extensive library of tools and resources to help make learning clearer and easier. A very positive aspect of his program is that it is ICF accredited.

They offer one of the most comprehensive life coaching certifications available as an international coaching federation accredited life coaching program. Working in this program, you will have nearly 320 Hours of coaching education online and a three-day live seminar.

This certification can take 10 to 12 months to finish, and the cost involved with the full program comes down to about $11,000. When you finish the program, you will receive the CPC credential.

These certifications can provide any existing life coaches or students looking into a career in life coaching the ability to enhance their knowledge and achieve the credentials and experience needed to be a professional life coach. Being a life coach is a career that can help many individuals achieve their full potential.