The Right Age for Sleep Training

Most professionals and coaches in sleep training for babies believe that the appropriate age for a baby to receive sleep training is based on the baby’s development. This is a way to promote independent sleep and although it is all about the development of the baby, the age mostly right for training is between four and six months of age.

4 month sleep regression is a common occurrence in babies from before and after four months. At four months of age, a baby is developing at a fast pace which makes it more important for them to get in the right amount of sleep. But as their brains are actively busy taking in what’s going on around them, they might struggle with sleep regression.

Sleep training can provide help towards the baby receiving the right amount of sleep during the night and also during daytime naps and contribute towards their further development.

At around four to six months of age, babies are developmentally ready to learn the skills of falling asleep by themselves. The sleep regression at four months of age is due to their sleeping cycle changing which also provides longer periods of lighter sleep per cycle. This is a great time to focus on independent sleeping skills for your baby.

The age of your baby can sometimes determine the kind of sleep training method you should choose. You can easily try a shush-pat technique with four- to five-month-old babies, but you will need to leave one-year-olds in their cribs. The reason for a one-year-old to stay in their crib is due to the fact that they will cry and scream about new bedtime schedules.

Do not attempt a sleep training method before four months of age. By following the right methods, age can guide your baby into a good night’s sleep.