In this article, we will have a look at some of the best blogs to visit and learn about spirituality, counseling, and life skills. Visiting these blogs can contribute to better wellbeing and positive mental health.

Zen Habits –

Millions of readers learn vital lessons from Zen Habits. The founder of the blog strives in building healthy and productive habits. The writer Leo Babauta emphasizes focus. The main focuses are on family, simplicity in life, and health. Zen Habits provide a complete unadulterated platform on spirituality and mindfulness.

This blog has no advertisements or guest posts. It is purely for the love and passion for motivational lessons on his thoughts and experiences.

Spiritual Travels –

This blog is all about practical advice for soulful journeys. The author of this blog is ordained Episcopalian deacon, Lori Erikson. She takes her experiences in traveling to sacred sites around the world. What she leans through these travels are written into advice articles on how to take your spiritual travels.

The Master Shift –

This blog provides a major focus on meditation. The non-profit is so convinced of the profound positive effect of meditation that they provide guidance and exercises free of charge to all readers. On this blog, you can read all about how to connect yourself to the role you play in life.

On this blog, you can expect up to 5 posts a week, and all articles are written by experts.

Hurray Kids –

On this blog, you can read about life skills, parenting, and activities in communication. They are an education venture with a mission to educate children to form 2-10 years on life skills. The teachings are simple and provide joy to readers of all ages. This is a positive blog for parents to read with their children.

Life Skills Advocate –

On this blog, there are many articles with a focus on emotional control, self-monitoring, social skills, and problem-solving. They understand how challenging it may be to find quality support for teens and adults with many different learning needs towards life skills.

The overall mission of Life Skills Advocate is to provide support to help exceptional learners build valuable life skills that are necessary to achieve their life goals.